To be admitted to the DMin program, applicants must submit the standard requirements of Westminster admission along with additional DMin materials

We do, however, provide some exceptions for candidates we feel will succeed and contribute here at Westminster.

Applicants lacking evidence of knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew may be admitted, but, in order to graduate, these candidates must satisfy one of the following alternatives for each language in which they are deficient:

Waiver for Language Study: Students must receive a waiver for study of the language(s) in which the candidate is deficient. This waiver would be based on genuine hardship (such as ministry in a remote area of the world) and significant promise of excellence in DMin work (as evidenced by a record of ministry achievement and academic excellence), and must be approved by the Director of the DMin Program.

Qualifying Language Exam: DMin candidates must successfully complete an additional qualifying exam in the necessary language(s). This exam will be devised by the New Testament or Old Testament department coordinator.

Completed Language Credit Hours: DMin students must complete, at a seminary or university, a number of credit hours of language study in the language(s) in which the candidate is deficient. The institution and number of hours must be approved by Director of the DMin Program. Applicants lacking an MDiv degree may be considered, but will not exceed more than 10 percent of Westminster’s total DMin enrollment. Typically, an applicant lacking an MDiv degree must hold an MAR degree from Westminster. 

In order to be considered, these candidates must submit:

Transcripts: Applicants must provide a full transcript of their theological program, including an attestation of the attainment of a Westminster MAR degree and the successful completion of sufficient additional seminary-level studies to give them a total of 92 semester hours, approved by the Director of the DMin Program. 

The MAR degree and additional semester hours must include at least the following:

Seminary-level Work: Applicants must provide proof of a total of 92 semester hours of seminary-level work distributed among biblical studies (minimum of 28 hours), historical and theological studies (minimum of 18 hours), and practical studies (minimum of 12 hours).

Greek and Hebrew: Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of the original languages of Scripture, including descriptions of the Greek and Hebrew language courses completed in the theological degree. Applicants who lack evidence of the knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew should see the exception noted above. 

In exceptional circumstances, an applicant who holds a master's degree from an institution other than Westminster, and who has demonstrated competencies in ministry, writing, and teaching, may be admitted. Only those who have demonstrated this through published writing and adjunct teaching in a graduate theological institution will be considered.

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