You can take courses for credit at Westminster without being a degree-seeking student! We encourage individuals who are not seeking to earn a degree from Westminster to enroll as visiting students. We foster diverse classrooms filled with knowledge and experiences from a variety of people and places. 

Students from other seminaries or graduate schools may also take courses as visiting students before transferring back to their institutions. 

All applicants must seek approval from the Admissions Office before gaining access to the visiting student applications.

To become a visiting student, you must submit all of the following items:

  1. An online application and non-refundable application fee,
  2. An essay as specified by the Admissions Office,
  3. A church reference form,
  4. Proof of a baccalaureate degree through transcripts, and
  5. TOEFL Requirements for students whose native language is not English.

To continue studies beyond one academic year, admission to a regular degree program of the seminary is required. 

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