Because we want you to have the option to adjust your degree path as circumstances and goals develop, or as God leads, we offer the opportunity to change programs or emphases. We encourage you to consider a change thoughtfully and prayerfully before pursuing next steps.

Change of Master's Program (MDiv, MAR, MAC, or Certificate)
If you are enrolled in a Master’s program (MDiv, MAR, MAC, or Certificate) and are interested in transferring to another Master’s degree program, you will need to submit a change of program/emphasis form to the registrar’s office. Please be sure to have all the necessary sections of the form completed prior to submission. This will help us expedite the process for you.

Please note: There is a processing fee for each change in program.

Change of Emphasis or Concentration
If you are an MDiv or MAR student and wish to change emphasis within the MDiv or MAR, you must submit a change of program/emphasis form to the registrar's office. 

MDiv students seeking to change emphasis to counseling are required to complete an abbreviated application with online learning. Once completed, students will be informed of final approval.

Program and emphasis changes become effective at the beginning of the semester following approval.

Advanced Degree Students
If you are a student in the DMin, ThM, or PhD degree programs and wish to change emphasis within your program, please contact the registrar's office ( for assistance. 

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