Due to the transition of our residential courses online in Spring 2020, all of the exams will be offered online. Please consult your instructor or course director with any questions about your exam.

  • Schedule: lists exams (both in-person and online) scheduled for one of the scheduled exam times.
  • Students following the seminary's recommended course schedule for their degree and emphasis should not encounter more than two exams on a given day.

Schedule of Examinations for Residential Courses - Spring 2020

Subject to Change

*Time: If date/time is not indicated, please refer to course syllabus for specific times that the online exam will be available.

Honor Code / Pledge Requirement Students must abide by the seminary's Honor Code policy during examinations and sign the following pledge: I pledge my honor that I have neither given nor received any assistance--verbal, written, or electronic---on this examination beyond that specifically permitted by the instructor in charge.

Rescheduling a Final Exam
We understand that life situations, conflicts, and difficulties arise unexpectedly on occasion. If you need to take a final exam at a time different from the published schedule, but within the exam period, you must submit a rescheduling request form to Academic Affairs by May 8. If a new time is approved, you must take the exam at that specified time. Please contact Academic Affairs (support@wts.edu) with any questions.

**All examinations must be completed by the last day of the exam period. If you cannot take an exam during the exam period, you must submit an Incomplete Request to the Academic Affairs Office. The deadline to submit an incomplete request is the Friday before the last day of classes. (Ref: 19-20 Academic catalog pg. 36)**

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