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Grades help us to indicate the quality of work and encourage students to achieve their best. We have certain standards for grading that apply to all students.

For all of your courses and assignments, A, B, C, and D are passing grades; F is a failing grade. 

For your courses, these grades transfer into a four point grading scale. An A is worth 4 points, a B is worth three, a C is worth two, and D is worth one. No points are awarded for an F.

For your assignments, the following general criteria apply to each letter grade:

An A is given to work that goes above and beyond the scope of the assignment. Not only have you demonstrated mastery of the subject, but you have also contributed new insights through well-crafted arguments.

A B is given to work that meets all the demands of the assignment. You’ve shown that you understand the basic principles and that you can analyze and use the material that you’ve studied in your course.

A C is given to work that meets the requirements of the assignment, but shows a need to understand some of the basic principles of the course or assignment.

A D is earned for work that is passable and meets the minimal standards of the professor, but has serious problems in its understanding of the course content.

An F is given to work that is unacceptable and fails to meet the requirements of the assignment.

  • An Unearned F (UF) will be given if you do not attend class or submit any coursework.

  • An Administrative F is given if your professor does not submit grades for you by the end of the following semester. You may petition to have this grade removed by contacting the registrar’s office.

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