We understand that extenuating situations arise occasionally, and we attempt to assist and support students throughout these challenging times. During these situations, you have the opportunity to request an "incomplete" for a course.

Requesting an "Incomplete" grade
To request an incomplete grade, you will need to submit an incomplete request form to the registrar’s office with the professor’s written approval and recommendation for the additional time. The maximum time for an extension is four weeks from the last day of exams or original assignment deadline. The registrar’s office will consult the appropriate faculty committee for approval.

If an "Incomplete" request is approved
You will be notified via email of the new assignment due date and assigned an interim grade of “I” on your transcript. 

Your work must be submitted to the registrar’s office, not the professor, by the extension deadline. At the professor’s discretion, the grade will or will not be reduced. 

The final grade assigned by the professor will replace the “I” grade on your official transcript. 

Incomplete Request Deadline

The deadline to submit an incomplete request for the fall and spring semesters is the Friday before the last day of class. 

No incomplete grades will be granted for classes taken during the spring semester of any student's graduating year.

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