Independent study courses are offered to only students in the MDiv, MAR, ThM, PhD, and DMin degree programs. You are able to enroll in an independent study in order to match your unique desires and interests. These courses will be conducted by means of assigned readings, a paper, conferences with the professor, and, at the option of the professor, an examination.

Arranging an Independent Study

To set up an independent study, you will first need to reach out to the professor you would like to supervise the course. You will need to work out the course requirements and parameters with the respective professor before it is approved. Once the professor agrees to the requirements established, you will need to submit an independent study request form to the registrar’s office. (If you are a ThM, PhD, or DMin student, you will also need approval from your academic adviser prior to submitting the form.) Once the Academic Affairs has received the form, they will be able to review your eligibility and process the request.

Note: The form must be submitted by the add/drop deadline of the semester the independent study will be taken.

Terms of the Independent Study

  • The professor must hold a minimum of four conferences with you during the course (via phone, internet video conference or in person).

  • All deadlines for regular courses (e.g. registration, add/drop, withdrawal, incomplete, etc.) and the normal tuition refund schedule apply.

  • If a final exam is required, it is due no later than the last day of the exam period.

  • To register for an independent study, you must also be registered for at least one additional WTS course or have a minimum GPA of 2.80 (for MDiv and MAR students) or 3.00 (for ThM, PhD, and DMin students).


Restrictions on Independent Studies

MDiv and MAR students are limited to taking a total of 3 independent study courses. ThM students are limited to a total of 2 independent study courses. PhD students in the Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation concentration are limited to a total of 2 independent study courses. PhD students in the Historical and Theological studies are limited to a total of 5 independent study courses (Directed Reading count towards this maximum).

Taking independent study courses as required courses in the curriculum is strongly discouraged and will require approval of both the faculty member who normally teaches the course and Academic Affairs. If you encounter extreme career or family hardship that you think warrants taking a required course via independent study, you must submit a petition form to Academic Affairs.

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