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Apply for a leave of absence
Apply for a leave of absence
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If you encounter unusual and unavoidable career or family circumstances that cause an interruption in the participation of your degree program, you may submit a petition for a leave of absence (LOA) to the registrar’s office, for a period of up to 3 years. 

The petition should specify the reason(s) you believe an LOA is warranted and the length of LOA desired. Supporting documentation might be required, at our discretion. 

LOA Deadline
The deadline to submit the petition is 2 months before your next registration period. You will be notified by the Academic Affairs office whether or not the LOA is approved and your options at that point, along with any necessary further instructions. 

Remaining a Current Student
While on a leave, you are still considered a current Westminster student. However, since during a leave you will not be working on your program and are exempt from fees, it is expected that you will not use Westminster facilities, personnel, or resources. 

You should notify the Academic Affairs office of any change of address while on leave and, no later than one month before the start of the semester that follows the leave, contact the Academic Affairs office to notify that you will resume your program. 

If you are receiving government loans and applying for a LOA, you should contact the financial aid office for possible restrictions and limitations thereto.

Military Members
If you are a member of a military reserve unit whose studies are interrupted by a summons to active duty, you must inform the Academic Affairs office of the orders and expected duration of absence. You will be granted an LOA from your academic program during the period of your orders. 

If you return to your academic program within one year of release from active duty, you will be reinstated and allowed to repeat, without charge, those courses in which you were enrolled when called to active duty. You are required to enroll in those courses the first time they are offered after your return. 

If you fail to return within one year of release from active duty, you will be automatically withdrawn.

The student should notify the Financial Aid office as soon as possible as the call to active duty and the withdrawal from classes affects any VA benefit the student is receiving. For more information from the VA, check out this Article

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