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Withdraw from your degree program
Withdraw from your degree program
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You may withdraw from the seminary either voluntarily or involuntarily. We encourage your to be aware of the guidelines for each method to ensure that you remain enrolled. 

Administrative Withdrawal

You can be administratively withdrawn for three reasons:

  1. You have not met satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements, having a grade point average too low to continue.

  2. You have not fulfilled financial payment obligations.

  3. You have violated the seminary’s standards for student conduct, which includes violation of the Honor Code.

Academic Withdrawal

If you have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.75 or lower after the attempt or completion of 24 semester hours in the MDiv, MAR, MAC, or Certificate program, you will be withdrawn from the seminary. 

However, if the faculty considers it probable that, in the future, you will be able to meet SAP requirements, you may be approved to reinstate or readmit at the seminary. If approval is granted, you would be admitted on probationary status and could petition to receive credit for work previously completed.

If you are enrolled in the ThM, PhD, or DMin program, you are required to maintain an academic average of 3.0 during the program. At the completion of three courses in the ThM or PhD program, if you have a GPA lower than 3.0, you will not permitted to continue at the institution, except as detailed in the probation section.

If you are required to complete the ATW requirement and are unable to pass ATW within the four semester/term deadline, you will be withdrawn from the seminary.

Automatic Withdrawal 

You can be automatically withdrawn from the seminary for the following reasons:

  1. You do not register by the end of the add/drop period for the semester (fall or spring). Or, if you are a ThM modular student, PhD student in the post-coursework phase, or a DMin student, you do not register for the academic year.

  2. You drop or withdraw from all of your courses during the progress of any semester.

  3. You fail to return after an approved leave of absence. 

Exceptions to the Automatic Withdrawal Policy

  1. If you are enrolled in the certificate or online MAC program and have already completed at least one course, you are considered enrolled for two consecutive semesters following the last semester/term enrolled in courses. In the semester following the two consecutive semesters, if you do not register and complete at least one course, you will be withdrawn by default. 

  2. If you are a ThM, PhD or DMin student in the coursework phase, you may request approval to remain enrolled as a current student for a given semester. With the intention of working on non-coursework degree requirements, you must submit a petition to the Academic Affairs office to seek approval. If granted, your enrollment status for that semester would be considered “less than part-time.”

Personal Withdrawal

If you are planning on withdrawing from the seminary, whether during or between an academic semester or term, you should inform the Academic Affairs office by submitting the withdrawal notification form

If the Personal Withdrawal notification is received during a semester/term, the effective date of withdrawal will be the date of notification. If the notification is received between semesters/terms, the effective date of withdrawal will be the last day of exams of the previous semester. 

If you withdraw from the seminary after the final date to withdraw from a course for the semester, you will receive a failing grade for each course not completed.

Those on withdrawn status are not permitted to use Westminster facilities, personnel or resources.

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