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Introduction to the Certificate in Christian Studies
Introduction to the Certificate in Christian Studies
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We offer a certificate in Christian Studies that allows students to customize their coursework to match their interests without having to complete all of the requirements of the Master's level programs. The Certificate is granted to students after they complete 25 credits of graduate-level coursework from our MDiv and MAR programs. For more information about the admission and coursework requirements for the Certificate program, please see our Academic Catalog.

As you work on our certificate, you will learn to:

  1. Exhibit a deep love for the triune God, His word, His truth, and His church; and a Christ-like humility in relation to others.

  2. Demonstrate basic knowledge of Scripture, Reformed theology, biblical theology, church history, and apologetics.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to apply God's word to a changing world in a student ministry context.

Certificate students can transfer their credits into one of our Master's programs if they desire to continue their studies beyond the requirements of the certificate. Consult the registrar for more information!

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