If you’ve studied Greek or Hebrew in the past, you are eligible to take a placement exam to satisfy some (or all) of the language requirements for your program. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take them before your initial semester at Westminster, since the results of your exam may affect your eligibility for certain courses.

We offer the opportunity for Master's level students to take a placement test in order to demonstrate competency in Greek and/or Hebrew and therefore become exempt from any of the three levels of the required language coursework. Before you commit to a higher-level placement exam, be sure that you will be sufficiently prepared for the material, because exemption from all three semesters of language work is very rare. If you cannot demonstrate mastery of the content of the exam, you will be placed in the appropriate Greek or Hebrew course based on your performance.

Greek Placement Exam Content

Hebrew Placement Exam Content

If a placement exam seems right for you, click here to learn about the registration process!

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