DMin Coursework
The DMin modules are designed to accommodate the schedules of those who are active practitioners in ministry and Christian service. Eight modular courses are required for the DMin degree. Therefore, the 8 modules will require no more than 8 weeks of residence in total. 

DMin Counseling students must complete their prerequisite requirement before beginning modular courses. Each module contains the following elements: theoretical issues, skills, and practicum. Students will be required to complete an assignment before attending the module, as well as after the module. 

Post-modular work must be uploaded electronically to WTS courses by the following deadlines:

● November 15 following August modules (except for PR 1 core module)
● December 15 following PR 1 core module
● April 15 following January modules

No credit will be given until all assignments are completed successfully. All work will be graded by the course instructor. Students may not enroll in new modules until work in the previous course has been completed. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 must be maintained in order for the student to graduate. The student must successfully complete 8 modules, including the following: 

I. Core Modules - Four Required Modules*

Core modules are offered in August.
*Exception: See IV. DMin General below.

II. Concentration Modules – Two Modules
Choose 2 DMin modules offered by Westminster in your area of concentration that fulfill this requirement.

III. Elective Modules – Two Modules (these options are designed to allow the student flexibility in supporting their choice of concentration):

  1. Choose any module not already taken.
  2. Take a module at another institution and receive transfer credit.
  3. Take a module through independent study.
  4. Choose a PhD course adjusted to the DMin requirements.

Concentration and elective modules are offered in August and may also be offered in January. Students in the DMin program may take a ThM/PhD course offered in January or during the summer for elective credit upon the approval of the DMin director and the professor of the course.

All students will be required to take PR 1 and one other required PR or PP module in his or her area of interest. The remaining 6 modules can be comprised of modules within the preaching, pastoral ministry and counseling concentrations. A maximum of 2 “non-classroom” modules (via transfer credit and/or independent studies) is allowed. 

The academic plan proposal must be approved by the DMin director and the practical theology field committee. 

DMin Applied Ministry Project

You also need to complete an applied ministry project. Learn more here.  

Review the guidelines for admission here.

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