Apologetics is a theological discipline that seeks to defend and commend the Christian faith. As you learn to preserve and defend the Christian faith, you will develop essential qualities that will prepare you to engage the world around you as you minister to, evangelize, and lead the people surrounding you.
The apologetic tradition of Westminster attempts to apply Reformed theology to the challenges that confront Christianity and the Church. 

Through your apologetics courses, you will be equipped to:

  • Understand biblical religion as a world-and-life view, rather than isolated truth;
  • Learn how to address various worldviews;
  • Articulate biblical principles for defense and commendation of the Gospel;
  • Understand the cultural trends of our times;
  • Learn how to address the most frequent challenges against the Christian faith;
  • Learn about the history of thought;
  • Gain familiarity with significant figures in apologetics; and
  • Articulate the relationship between faith and reason

See our apologetics course offerings for more details.

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