It has been well said that people make history, but they do not make the history that they choose. All human beings act in particular times, in particular places, and for a variety of different reasons.

As you study church history, you will begin to understand the way in which human action is shaped by historical, social, economic, cultural, and theological concerns. We all act in context and you will begin to see how your own context impacts your actions as well as how the historical trajectories of the past impact your life and the life of the church today.

More specifically, your Church History courses will enable you to:

  • Recognize the complexities of human history
  • Examine yourself in light of the past
  • Engage with historical methodology
  • See how the church's testimony to Christ has been preserved and articulated
  • Recognize turning points in church history
  • Identify major types and paradigms of Christian vision
  • Understand the Reformed heritage
  • Recognize global patterns in the spread of the gospel
  • Set your own time within the perspective of church history
  • Be inspired to proclaim God's grace to today's world

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