Nothing is more foundational to Christian ministry than a full-orbed knowledge and embrace of the gospel. As you study the Old Testament, you will dig deep into Scripture in its original form and language. You will learn about the first 39 books of the Bible, with all the aspects entailed, as the anticipation of the glorious climactic fulfillment of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Your Old Testament courses will enable you to:

  • Have a reading knowledge of biblical Hebrew
  • Know the content of the Old Testament
  • Grapple with the challenges of biblical interpretation
  • Evaluate the ways in which the Old Testament has been interpreted
  • Percieve the unity of the Old and New Testaments and its significance
  • Understand the historical context in which God gave His revelation
  • Identify the major biblical-theological themes of the Old Testament
  • Learn to communicate the gospel through the Old Testament
  • Embrace the gospel in continuing and vital ways
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