PR 1 Introduction and Orientation to Graduate Work
Taught by various faculty members.

  • To familiarize the student with bibliographical research, preparing them for the coursework ahead
  • To improve writing and critical thinking skills
  • To introduce current trends in the major theological disciplines
  • To guide them through the preparation of their research project¬†

PR 2 Pastoral Theology
Dr. Timothy Witmer

  • To build a biblical theological basis for pastoral ministry
  • To examine the importance of a shepherding ministry for the health and growth of the church
  • To help the student develop a theology of pastoral ministry and implement a plan for pastoral ministry

Students will critically assess various models of shepherding in the church and develop a usable model for use in their churches.

PR 3 Counseling and Christian Ministry
Last taught by Dr. David Murray

  • To help the student think biblically about the role of counseling in the church
  • To impart a vision and implement a plan for the ministry of counseling in the church
  • To give the pastor tools to help him identify and equip fellow church members in counseling ministries¬†

PR 4 Theology of Missions and Evangelism
Taught August 2018 by Dr. Greg Paek

  • To equip pastors with a biblical theological framework to understand the mission of the church
  • To help pastors understand the latest trends in mission so that they can help design a missions program for their churches
  • To give pastors a biblical understanding of evangelism and how to pastor a community

Topics include contextualization, evangelism, social concern, and current trends in global mission. The practicum will provide instruments for diagnosing church health/growth patterns and for building growth strategies.

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