Our Pastoral Ministry Concentration offers vast opportunities to our DMin students. The modules for this educational path are described below, including purpose, topics included, and other helpful information.

Pastoral Ministry Concentration
PM 2 Communication

  • To consider important principles in order to improve effective communication of biblical truth
  • To help pastors reflect upon and improve their own teaching and preaching skills
  • To help refresh and renew students in their enthusiasm and effectiveness in communicating God’s word

Topics include the life of the pastor, communication theory, and principles of learning.

Summer module, three hours. Mr. Brown.

PM 4 Leadership

  • To clarify the biblical calling and job description of a pastor in light of contemporary cultural, church, and kingdom developments
  • To glean principles of spiritual leadership from Nehemiah
  • To help students lead their homes, gain and impart vision to their churches, establish workable structures for fulfilling the Great Commission in their churches and communities, train and work with their elders as a team, set priorities, and manage their time 

This module is designed so that in class discussion, students can apply these principles in very practical ways to their particular situations. Topics include the dynamics of spiritual renewal, the cell church model for pastoring, discipling, evangelizing, and individual philosophy of ministry.

Summer module, three hours. Faculty.

PM 6/PU 6 Church Revitalization

  • To address the contemporary church profile and the pressing need of church revitalization in North America, along with related issues
  • To acquaint the student with specific quality literature that deals with the issues of church renewal and revitalization
  • To determine biblical models and theological principles applicable to church revitalization
  • To identify those factors that bring church stagnation and decline
  • To develop a plan to initiate church revitalization in the student’s ministry that is faithful to the Scripture, relevant to a specific situation, and clearly prioritized for practical application 

Summer module, three hours. Mr. Reeder.

PM 51 Pastor as Physician of the Soul

  • To revisit a neglected aspect of pastoral care that views the pastor as the “physician of the soul,” whose work was called “the cure of souls”
  • To understand the dynamics of conversion experiences and how churches can foster an environment in which sincere inquirers are genuinely welcomed
  • To understand the dynamics of spiritual growth, with particular focus on the importance of community in genuine growth
  • To study the doctrines of salvation from the perspective of how they actually impact the hearts as well as the heads of parishioners

Topics covered will constantly press the issue of experiential use of the doctrines of grace. This will include a case study approach to Christian experience.

Summer module, three hours. Faculty. 

PM 54 Biblical Conflict Resolution

  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills of a biblical systematic theology of conflict resolution that can be immediately employed in a practical manner in the local church or parachurch organization 

Biblical conflict resolution is a sub-discipline of biblical counseling and, therefore, students are expected to work with counseling issues and participate in role-play cases in class.

Summer module, three hours. Faculty.

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