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Outside scholarship opportunities
Outside scholarship opportunities
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We want to make seminary as affordable as possible, so we encourage students to seek support in various, diverse places. Check your local community and research online for outside scholarship options that may be available!

Outside Scholarship Policy

If you receive a Westminster scholarship in addition to outside support, your Westminster scholarship may be adjusted accordingly or removed. Outside scholarships and outside support received will be applied to outstanding tuition before Westminster scholarships unless the funds are specifically stated for use toward non-tuition expenses only. 

Please note that under no circumstances will the seminary pay institutional scholarship monies as cash or other rewards once your balance due has been met.

Scholarship Opportunities

This list is not extensive, and many more opportunities can be found by searching online. None of these organizations below are endorsed by Westminster, but simply serve as a resource for looking for outside aid. 

Make sure you review the application deadlines for each individual opportunity, by visiting their website.

Dana Kull Memorial Scholarship

The Dana Kull Memorial Scholarship is a special fund at Ocean City Tabernacle awarding scholarship funds to individuals pursuing education leading to vocations of Christian service. The fund supports the education of students at the undergraduate, graduate, or seminary level, based on the Committee’s evaluation of the application. Learn more here, or to apply, go here.

2023 Global Mission Church Scholarship

The Global Mission Church in Greater Washington offers $1000 scholarships for Full Time, Korean-American seminary students who have completed at least 1 semester of their program at the time of applying. Visit the GMC Scholarship page for more information.

Hill & Ponton Veteran Scholarships

This veterans’ scholarship program provides financial assistance to former U.S. military personnel pursuing higher education. Former members of the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Coast Guard are eligible for this assistance program following honorable discharge. Learn more.

2022 HE Mission Choir Scholarship
HE Mission Choir promotes the unity of Christians through Praise by carrying out missionary activities through Praise and God's material blessings. Specificially for seminary students. Request and submit all application requirements to:

Bethel Scholarship Program

Scholarship opportunity for students in seminary, offered by Bethel Korean Presbytertian Church. Learn more.

Justin Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to persons of Japanese ancestry, including those who were born in Japan and have obtained permanent residency status in Japan, accepted or enrolled full time in an accredited Protestant seminary in the United States, and preparing for ministerial degrees who intend to serve Japanese American congregations or other church related ministries. Learn more.

Marguerite Young Endowment Fund

The Marguerite Young Endowment Fund was established at The Pittsburgh Foundation to provide scholarships for students who plan to study theology. Learn more.

CM Cares: Religious Scholars Program

Provides scholarships to deserving graduate-level religious scholars. Fifty scholarship winners will each receive a $5,000 award that may be used to pay for tuition, fees, books or other costs of attending school. Visit their website for more information and to apply.

Champions for Christ Scholarship Fund

Champions for Christ Foundation, Inc has been granting scholarships for over 27 years to students that are committed to go into full time Christian service. Learn more.

Harvester’s Scholarship Foundation

Harvest offers scholarships to active missionaries, seminary students, and Bible school students who are passionate about sharing the gospel to the ends of the earth. Learn more.

Calihan Academic Grants

The Calihan Academic Grants provide financial assistance to future scholars and religious leaders whose academic work shows outstanding potential. Learn more.

Shepherds for the Savior Grants

Supports students obtaining an education to enter into a ministry field. Learn more.

International Order of the King's Daughters and Sons

$500-1,000 Scholarships are awarded to those in financial need who have answered God’s call on their lives and are enrolled full-time in a Master of Divinity program in an accredited seminary or college. Learn more.

Maryetta's Mission Scholarship Fund

 Any person studying for a ministerial career may apply, regardless of specific duties. Learn more.

Arumdaun Presbyterian Church Vision Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship for a Korean-American student pursuing an M.Div. degree on a full-time basis, with a desire to serve a Korean-American Youth Ministry and/or English Ministry. Learn more.

First Presbyterian Shreveport Scholarship

Preference is given to Presbyterian students attending Presbyterian-related theological schools. Learn more.

Langham Partnership PhD Scholarships

These awards are for PhD students only who are studying the following areas: Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Ethics, Church History, and or Biblical Intercultural Studies. Learn more.

Ashoori Law Good Deeds Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to assist  one driven, kind-hearted college student with a history of going beyond themselves to do good for others. For more information please see their website.

The Seminary Internship Program (SIP) at Manoa Community Church

Manoa Community Church is a congregation in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church(EPC) and is located in Havertown, PA. They have a Seminary Internship where they will pay for some of seminary. Applicants must already be enrolled in an accredited evangelical seminary, working towards the Master of Divinity. They must be active members of Manoa Community Church (MCC) for a min. of 6 months prior to becoming eligible for application to the program. They must then be approved and commended by MCC session for coming "Under Care" of the Presbytery of the East (POTE). Once the MCC Session approves the applicant, the candidate must attend the next POTE meeting to share their testimony and sense of calling before the regional group of Teaching and Ruling Elders. This group will vote to receive the candidate as a "Candidate Under Care" of the Presbytery and assign a mentor from outside of Manoa Community Church. The candidate is automatically and instantly approved in the program as a "Seminary Intern" of Manoa after the Presbytery vote passes. For more information on the scholarship opportunity that is available after this process, please contact the financial aid office to learn more at

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