Because we want your experience to be as free from financial burden as possible, there are financial aid options available for international MDiv, MAR, ThM, and DMin students. 

International Master’s Grant
A both need- and merit-based grant is awarded for international MDiv and MAR students who plan to return to their home countries for ministry after graduation. Can cover 25-100% of tuition. Does not cover living expenses.

Spouse Scholarship
A scholarship is offered for both full- and part-time spouses of full-time students in the MDiv and MAR programs. The scholarship will cover up to the number of credits that the full-time student is paying for during a given semester or term. 

Church Partnership Grant
A scholarship for ThM, ThM Modular, or DMin international students is awarded in which Westminster will match the financial support of your church, up to 33% of tuition. Church support must be received by the first day of class to receive the award.

Merit-Based Opportunities
Westminster also has a number of merit-based scholarships that students do not directly apply for, but after submission of their financial aid application, they will be eligible to receive based on certain criteria. These scholarships include but are not limited to the Walter and Helen Lee Scholarship, the Mephibosheth Scholarship, the Mainland China Scholarship, the Craig Scholarship, the Dolan Scholarship, and the John and Karen Furry International Scholarship. Students do not directly apply for these scholarships, but rather are awarded at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee. 

Visit this article to see the deadlines to apply for these scholarships.

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