Many funds contribute to our General Masters scholarships. The following scholarship funds contribute directly to the General Masters scholarship fund, which is awarded under the purview of the scholarship committee:

Scholarship Funds Listing

  • The Westminster Alumni Association (WAA) Scholarship Fund, established in 2008 by the participating members of the Westminster Alumni Association
  • The Edmund Clowney Memorial Fund, established in 2005 by the family and friends of Dr. Clowney
  • The Carrie E. Cruikshank Memorial Fund, in memory of Mrs. Frank Cruikshank of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • The John J. DeWaard Memorial Fund, in memory of the Rev. John J. DeWaard of Rochester, New York, Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the Seminary from 1947 until his death in 1959
  • The William Dixon Gray Scholarship, established by Ruth Anna Gray
  • The Kim Se Ung Scholarship Fund, established by the donor to assist needy students
  • The J. William and Gezina Kingma Scholarship Fund
  • The Charles Bell McMullen Scholarship, established by Mrs. Catherine Craig and sons Samuel and Bryce
  • The Lillian W. Peace Scholarship Fund, in memory of Lillian W. Peace of Miami, Florida
  • The W. D. Reid Memorial Fund, in memory of the Rev. W. D. Reid of Montreal, Canada, annually providing one hundred dollars to assist a needy student, with preference given to Canadians
  • The Margaret M. Stuart Memorial Fund, in memory of Margaret M. Stuart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • The James F. Towers Memorial Fund, in memory of James F. Towers of Westport, Connecticut
  • The Rev. George Leslie Van Alen Memorial Fund, in memory of the Rev. George Leslie Van Alen of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, for the award of a scholarship to a worthy, mentally industrious, Orthodox Presbyterian student for the ministry
  • The Robert L. and Lyda H. Wade Memorial Scholarship Fund, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wade of Tucson, Arizona
  • The Fred and Marian Wheeler Scholarship Fund, and primary consideration will be given to students who come to the Seminary as a result of the ministry of Prison Fellowship, Inc.
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