Periods of enrollment
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A Period of Enrollment (POE) is the term, semester, or academic year in which the student is registered.ย 

Traditional POEs include the 15 week Fall semester and the 19 week Spring semester including the 4 week winter term.

Non-traditional POEs include the 12-13 week Summer term that includes 3 separate 4-week modules. These modules may not be considered individually for loan eligibility.

POE dates begin with the first day of classes (as specified in the Academic Calendar, see below), which may or may not coincide with the first day of individual courses and end with the last day of the exam period. The minimum POE is a single module and the maximum POE is twelve months. If the POE begins with a term or semester comprised of modules (see POE Definitions below), the start date will be the first day of the term/semester, which coincides with the beginning of the first module.

Why do POEs matter?

POEs help to determine loan limits for students who are pursuing student loans, as well as to help determine Cost of Attendance calculations.

You may review the current academic POEs on our calendars here:

โ€‹Academic Calendar

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