We aim to assist students as much as possible, especially when it  comes to necessary paperwork. From withdrawal requests and graduate applications to transcript requests, find all of the student forms and information you need here. 

Forms can be submitted in one or more of the following ways:

  • Online - Most forms can be completed online, and we'll be notified once you've completed the form!
  • In person – In-person requests might require photo identification and will not be processed for third parties without the signed consent from the current/former student

Student Forms

Audit Registration
Current students, church leaders, and general auditors may request to audit courses using this form. 

Change of Emphasis
MDiv & MAR students who wish to change their degree emphasis, but remain in the same degree program. Learn more about changing emphases and programs.

Change of Program
Master's level students wishing to switch degree programs may submit this form. Advanced degree students who wish to change programs must email support@wts.edu.

External Course Request
PhD Students may request to take external courses. Learn more here.

Incomplete Request

Independent Study Request

Official Letter Request
Learn more about reasons you may need an official letter here.

Complete this form for resinstatement requests, course conflict requests, prerequisite waiver request, financial aid appeals, and miscellaneous requests for policy exceptions.

Transfer of Credit Request

Transcript Request

Withdrawal Notification
If you desire to withdraw from the seminary for any reason prior to graduation, please complete this form. Learn more our withdrawal policies.

Withhold Directory Information Request
Learn more about how and why you may want to withhold directory information here.

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