At Westminster, we foster a comfortable and supportive community for our male and female, single and married, domestic and international students. Our on-campus housing policy and availability is no different. Review the information below to determine what might be the best option for you. 

On-Campus Housing

Westminster has 17 on-campus single- and double-occupancy rooms for 16 men and 5 women. Rooms are assigned by Student Development and, with the exception of resident advisor (R.A.), are available only to first-year, full-time students in degree programs. Priority will be given to students coming from great distances. 

Singles only are available for the 2020/2021 school year. The price for singles is $525 per month. Prices are subject to change.

Housing is charged by 4.5-month time frames over the semesters (September 1-mid January and mid-January-May 31) and monthly over the summer.

Application for campus space is made through the On-Campus Housing Form in a student's application portal. After application is made, and pending available space, space is offered with request for a non-refundable housing deposit to secure the space.

Westminster does not have a food service option. Each on-campus resident is given full access to the residence kitchen and is responsible for his or her own meals and clean-up.


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