Fellowship and Accountability Groups

Fellowship Groups
Fellowship groups meet regularly during the academic year and currently include the Chinese Student Fellowship, the Korean Student Fellowship, and the Global Missions Fellowship. If you have an idea for another fellowship group, please let studentdevelopment@wts.edu know!

Global Mission Fellowship (GMF)
The Global Missions Fellowship's mission is to create a network of local and international missionaries who facilitate cross-cultural education on the work of the Gospel and missions mobilizers in the context of church ministry who create the grounds for a vibrant prayer ministry for the works happening around the globe. See Brute Facts for weekly meeting information.

African, Black, and People of Color (A.B.C.) Student Fellowship

The African, Black, and People of Color Student Fellowship seeks to discuss issues shaping the Church from a biblical and Christ-honoring perspective. We meet once a week on campus and via Zoom to fellowship and learn from one another on matters related to Christian faith and witness.

Chinese Student Fellowship

The Chinese Student Fellowship's mission is to provide fellowship within the Chinese student community with the intention of integrating academic studies and character formation and for the purpose of equipping ourselves for ministry in authentic Reformed seminaries and churches. 

Our hope is to build up the church in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the U.S., as well as to redeem Chinese culture and bridge Chinese churches with their non-Chinese sister churches. 

Sponsored events include lectures by renowned Chinese biblical scholars and pastors, discussion forums with secular Chinese scholars, Chinese culture fairs, and special fellowship and potluck times on Sundays in a fellow student’s house. See Brute Facts for weekly meeting information.

Korean Student Fellowship

The Korean Student Fellowship's mission is to serve Christ and His kingdom by encouraging and helping all the members of Korean Student Fellowship proclaim the whole counsel of God throughout a changing world. Sponsored events include weekly fellowships, end-of-semester candy cares and a teacher appreciation banquet. See Brute Facts for weekly meeting information.

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Men's Grace and Accountability Groups
The purpose of the men's grace and accountability groups is to support one another to live as Christian men, especially, but not exclusively, in the area of sexual purity. The groups meet once each week in the morning before classes begin. They typically include sharing the areas of struggle in our lives and praying for one another. No preparation or reading is required for the meetings.  
If you would like to be included or have questions, please let Steven Carter, Dean of Students, know. He'd be glad to connect you with a group. Expect many wonderful benefits from being part of such a group!

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