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Health insurance for domestic students
Health insurance for domestic students
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With stewardship of resources and care of the whole person in mind, Westminster requires that all students have health insurance. Here you will find the information you need to ensure that you have necessary health coverage for enrollment. International students may have requirements for health insurance distinct to them; please consult the International Student Resources course in Canvas on those.

If you are a domestic student who does not have health insurance, or if you are an international student without health insurance, we suggest you contact an independent insurance broker. An insurance broker will be able to give you insurance advice specific to your individual needs, and he/she can help you navigate through the options available under federal law, as well as direct you to other insurance products, including those that meet the requirements for international students. 

Health insurance options that you may also want to explore:

  • Parent’s Insurance Plan: Students under the age of 26 are eligible to remain on a parent’s insurance plan according to federal law.

  • Insurance Carriers: Look for insurance carrier sites, such as Independence Blue Cross, Aetna, and United Healthcare.

  • A health or medical insurance broker or consultant who can help you understand and choose a plan best suited for you and, as applicable, your dependents.

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