August 2018

August 6-10

PR 1 Introduction and Orientation to Graduate Work: Various Faculty

PC 12 Counseling Through Job: Dr. Joel Wood

August 13-17

PR 2 Pastoral Theology: Dr. Tim Witmer

PP 6 Preaching Apocalyptic Literature: Dr. Rick Phillips

PC 4 Counseling Problems: Dr. Rod Mays

August 20-24

PP 1 Foundations for a Lifetime of Fruitful Preaching: Dr. R. Kent Hughes

PR 4 Theology of Missions and Evangelism: Dr. Greg Paek

January 2019

January 14-18
PM/PC 7 Sustainable Ministry: Grace-Paced Ministry in a Burnout Culture (PM): Dr. David Murray

January 22-25
PC 19 Advanced Pastoral Counseling (PC): Dr. Robert Evans

For information about required textbooks and a semester schedule, please refer to the Student Syllabi.

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