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Loan payments while in school
Loan payments while in school
Written by Cyndi Myers
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All student loans have different terms and conditions, and most can be deferred, if you meet the eligibility requirements, by submitting a form to the Financial Aid Office. Ensure that you are familiar with the details of your loan and use the information below as it pertains to your specific loan. 

Government Loans

If you have a Direct, Stafford, Perkins, or PLUS loan, the repayment of your loans may be deferred. If you are enrolled at an eligible institution (such as Westminster) at least part-time in enrollment status with the purpose of gaining a degree, you are eligible to defer your loans. 

If you are enrolled at least part-time, please complete and submit a Loan Deferment Form. A completed form can be emailed to the Financial Aid Office at We will certify your enrollment and submit the form to your loan servicer, where your enrollment status will be verified every two months, allowing your loans to remain deferred while you’re in school. 

Please note that for PLUS Loans, a PLUS Loan Deferment Form will need to be submitted in place of the regular deferment form. 

Please note that for Perkins Loans, a deferment form will need to be submitted each semester.

If you are unsure of who is servicing your loan, you may access this information by visiting the NSLDS website using your FAFSA pin to log in, where you can find other information as well, including your loan history, loan status, and outstanding balance(s).

Making Payments on your Loans

While you may be eligible to defer your loans, it is still recommended that you make every effort possible to pay off your loans as soon as possible. Loans received during your time at Westminster are actively accruing interest, and the interest may be compounded upon your withdrawal or graduation from the seminary. 

Private Loans

Many private lenders allow a loan to qualify for deferment, but as each private lender can set their own respective requirements, you will need to check with said lender regarding the criteria and appropriate forms to submit.

If you have questions regarding loans, please contact us!

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