Purpose of the MDiv program
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Through the MDiv program, we seek to prepare men for the pastoral ministry and train both men and women for gospel ministries in the context to which the Lord has called them. 

Since there is a wide variety of goals among our MDiv students, we have several tracks - pastoral ministry, general ministry, or counseling - available for you to customize based on your specific needs and calling. 

No matter which track you choose, you will get a thorough grounding in biblical studies, systematic theology, church history, apologetics, and practical theology. For more information about the requirements of the MDiv program, please see our Academic Catalog or see our degree completion worksheets.

As you work on your MDiv degree, you will learn to:

  1. Exhibit a deep love for the triune God, His word, His truth, and His church; and a Christ-like humility in relation to others. 

  2. Be able to exegete the text of Scripture as given in the original languages. 

  3. Be able to understand and articulate the system of doctrine contained in the Westminster standards and its importance for biblical, systematic, and practical theology, and integrate this system of doctrine into life and ministry.

  4. Be able to understand the particularity of cultural context and apply God’s eternal word to a changing world and to particular individuals and congregations.

  5. Understand the biblical principles of leadership and demonstrate potential for becoming a future leader in the church. 

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