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ThM Program Timeline
The minimum length of time to complete the ThM program is one academic year of full-time study

Normally, however, full-time students will either complete their program in 1 1/2 years (biblical studies) or 2 years (historical and theological studies). Part-time students take 2 courses per semester (or at least one capstone course) and complete the program in 2 1/2 to 4 years. 

Students progressing part-time, however, may take up to 6 years to complete the program (6 1/2 years for students starting in spring).

Each historical and theological studies student who has completed all coursework must indicate continuation in the program by registering for each succeeding academic year (fall through spring semesters) and paying the thesis capstone fee. 

If the last course is completed during the fall semester, the candidate must register for the following spring semester and pay half the continuation fee. Traditional (non-modular) ThM biblical studies students taking the minimum one course per semester will complete the program in 4 years. The biblical studies student will be withdrawn (or approved for a leave of absence, if requested) during any semester in which no coursework is taken.

Schedule of Requirements

ThM Sample Full-time Schedules
The following sample schedules depict a fall start for full-time students, completing the program in 3 or 4 semesters.

Since biblical studies students will complete the program in 3 semesters, if they begin in the spring, they will complete their coursework the following spring, in time for graduation. Students beginning in the fall (shown above) will have a one-semester gap between the completion of their program requirements and their graduation.

ThM Program Time Limit
The time limit to complete all ThM program requirements is 6 years from fall matriculation, including any leave of absence or withdrawal period. This deadline is extended an additional semester if the student begins during the spring. For a comparison of the number of semesters required to complete the degree based on enrollment status, please refer to the ThM program timeline. 

If the student has transferred from the PhD program, the date of the student’s matriculation into the PhD program will be used to determine the length of time that the student has been working on ThM degree requirements. Students are responsible for reporting to the registrar when program requirements have been completed. 

International students must be full-time each semester and are allowed 4 semesters from the date of matriculation to complete the degree program.

Students who do not expect to graduate within the program time limit must petition for a program extension by contacting their adviser, who will bring the petition before the field committee for review. International students must supply the international student adviser with documentation from the student's advisor on the academic circumstance, or from a medical professional on the medical circumstance, necessitating extension.

The deadline to submit the petition is January 30 of the student's original graduation year. If approved, the student will be granted an extension of an additional 2 years. 

After 8 years in the program, however, the student shall be administratively withdrawn and may not be admitted for re-entry into the ThM program. The ThM degree shall be granted only to persons enrolled at Westminster at the time of the completion of their degree requirements.

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