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Purpose of the Doctorate of Ministry program
Purpose of the Doctorate of Ministry program
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Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program
The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is an advanced, professional degree program designed for those engaged in the full-time practice of ministry. It is the highest professional degree offered by Westminster. 

It differs from a PhD degree in that its focus is on competence in the practice of ministry rather than on advanced academic research. In this sense, it is better compared to other professional doctorates, such as those awarded in medicine (MD) or law (JD). 

Program Purpose
The purpose of the DMin program is to develop reflective practitioners in ministry who will grow not only in ministry comprehension and competence, but also in character. Because it is a doctoral degree program, the student is expected to pursue a high standard of expertise in ministry reflection and practice. 

While the DMin is built upon the biblical, theological, and professional foundations of the MDiv degree, the student benefits from the integration of the rich practical experiences gained from years of prior ministry. Thus a prerequisite for admission is at least three years in full-time pastoral ministry or Christian service along with the requisite MDiv application of theory and methodology must be evident in the applicant’s history of professional ministry.

DMin Student Learning Goals
Upon graduation, the student will:

  1. Exhibit a deep love for the Triune God, His word, His truth, and His church; and a Christ-like humility in relation with others.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to be a reflective practitioner in ministry through interrelating theory and practice.

  3. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the integration of ministry with the various theological disciplines.

  4. Have made a contribution to the understanding and practice of ministry through the completionof a doctoral-level project.

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