Degree Requirements
A total of 60 credit hours is required for the residential MAC degree.  

Core Courses
Students must take the following core courses:

Elective Courses
Students must take 3 electives total. 

Applied Ministry Program (AMP)

The Applied Ministry Program (AMP) is a program for practical application of the MAC degree. AMP requires students to partner with someone in their  ministry context for 100 hours of practical ministry in order to receive encouragement and constructive feedback while tracking progress­.

AMP is divided into two phases – the Planning Phase and the Evaluation Phase. In the Planning Phase students will choose specific areas of personal and ministerial growth in which the student and their ministry partner will focus constructive conversations. During the Evaluation Phase, ongoing feedback conversations with their partner will consider how and where growth has occurred. Please contact the Online Learning team for more detail at

Program Length and Time Limit

The MAC degree is a sixty credit hour, 20 course program of coursework. Students pursuing full-time study will complete the degree in 2 years by following the recommended course schedule. The schedule presumes matriculation in the June term, and indicates the order in which students should take required courses and the course load in a given term. The course load varies from 6 to 9 credits per term. Part-time students should expect to complete the degree in a minimum of three years. The maximum time limit to complete the MAC degree is 10 years (including any leave of absence or withdrawal period).

Any student who matriculated prior to Fall 2017, and are thus held to the previous residential standards, have until 2021 to complete the degree under their entering Catalog year. If a student is unable to do so, they may be held to the new standards for graduation or offered an extension, granted based on extenuating circumstances or hardship by the Faculty Academic Affairs Committee

State Licensure
Westminster is unable to provide administrative support to students seeking to satisfy licensure requirements in their state. The degree is not intended to prepare for licensure, but rather to prepare for counseling activity in a church or religious setting.

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