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London ThM registration and academic policies
London ThM registration and academic policies
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London ThM Registration and Academic Policies

Registration and Accommodation
All students in the London program are required to register, including students who are not taking modules. All students register for courses via Populi. 

Registration instructions, schedules and deadlines are posted on Westminster’s Current Students webpage.

Students requiring accommodation at the Pastors' Academy during a course must also contact the Academy as soon as possible to request accommodations.

Late Registration
After the registration deadline, London students are permitted to register late for a course up to three weeks before the course start date. A late registration fee will apply. Students who register late are responsible for completing all pre-course requirements prior to the course start date. No student is permitted to register after the late registration deadline. 

Post-Modular Assignment Submission
Post-modular course assignments should be submitted electronically on WTS courses. The deadline for submission is eight weeks after the last day of the module.

Incomplete Requests (Extensions)
If extenuating (unusual and unavoidable) circumstances or hardship due to registration in more than one course in the same term prohibit the student from completing a course on time, a grade of “Incomplete”may be given. 

To receive a grade of ‘Incomplete’, a student must submit an incomplete request prior to the post-modular course assignment deadline by:

  •  Securing the approval of both the course professor and the director of the Pastors' Academy, Dr. Garry Williams.

  • Contacting the Westminster registrar's office detailing the course name and grounds for the incomplete request, along with documentation confirming approval from both the course professor and the director of the Academy. 

The deadline to contact the registrar is the post-modular course assignment deadline. If an incomplete request is granted by Westminster, students will be notified by the registrar and be given an “Incomplete”grade with a new deadline. It is important to note that the professor may, at his discretion, reduce the course grade. 

If an incomplete request is not granted, and the student does not submit the course assignment by the submission deadline, the student will be assigned a grade of “W” (withdrawn). If an incomplete request is submitted to the registrar after the deadline, the student will receive a failing grade for the course.

Course Withdrawal
Students in the London ThM program may withdraw from a course at any point until the post-modular course assignment submission deadline. In order to formally withdraw, students must inform the director of the Pastors' Academy and contact the Westminster registrar's office. Following this, students will be assigned a “W” (withdrawn from course) grade on their transcript record. 

The effective date for withdrawing from a course is the date on which approval is granted by the registrar. No refund will be given if the course was attended. If a formal withdrawal request is not submitted by the deadline, the student will receive a failing grade for the course.

Continuation Fees
For candidates who have completed all of the required courses, a continuation fee will be due September 1 for each year in which no new course work will be undertaken, until a student has been fully approved to graduate. If the last course is completed in the fall semester, one half of the fee amount is due February 1. 

It is possible for those not enrolled in the London ThM program to attend lectures. Accommodation, if required, will be available (single study bedrooms) during the teaching weeks. 

London ThM students may choose to join the graduation ceremony at the Philadelphia service in May.

Those who wish to join should contact the Academic Affairs Office at Westminster. To those who do not attend, diplomas are shipped in June of the graduation year. 

Billing U.K. and European Students
The Pastors' Academy will send students a bill from Westminster. All bills should be paid directly to the Academy in British pounds. 

U.S. and Non-EU students
Bills should be paid directly to Westminster’s finance office in U.S. dollars. 

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