London ThM Program Length
It is recommended that students complete all six modules, including PT 421P, in the first two years (maximum three) of study. Students should be aware that modular courses are offered on a rotating basis.

Course registration should be planned accordingly to ensure time-limit deadlines are met. To see all program requirements for planning, students should utilize the ThM Degree completion worksheet.

*Student enrollment status is part-time when two courses are taken per semester; during any semester in which only one course is taken, student enrollment is considered less than half-time.
**Thesis capstone shown. Capstone coursework may be completed any time after having completed three regular modules.

Time Limit
The maximum length allowed to complete all work for the degree of ThM is six years (or six-and-one-half if a student begins in the spring) from the date of matriculation including any leave of absence or withdrawal period. 

Requests for an extension should be submitted to the chairman of the London field committee before the sixth anniversary of the candidate joining the program. If approved, the student will be granted an extension of an additional two years. After eight years in the program, however, the student shall be administratively withdrawn and may not be admitted for re-entry into the ThM program.

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