Off-campus housing
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The seminary campus is located just north of Philadelphia's northwest city limits.

WTS has a housing site where owners and others desirous of tenants from the WTS community post housing opportunities. Create an Airtable account or otherwise sign in at that link to gain access to those listings.

Here are a few other websites, among others, by which to look for housing:

Rental prices can vary greatly, even within a few miles of the seminary, and particularly between the suburbs and city.

Be aware that utilities, especially heat in winter or air conditioning in summer, can substantially increase monthly housing costs. Ask a landlord for an estimate of monthly utility costs attending an apartment or house to rent.

If you have school age children, it is recommended to search for housing based on the school district or school you wish your children to attend.

The most economical housing for single students is a rented or shared room in a house or apartment.
โ€‹Please set aside enough time to find the room, apartment, or house which works well for you. Where you live while at seminary is, of course, important to your seminary experience; and, between that fact and housing demand and supply, the seminary recommends beginning your housing search as early as possible. In addition, it strongly discourages signing a lease or sending money to a landlord before you have visited the apartment or house and confirmed that it is the housing you want in a community where you want to live.


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