The campus is located just north of Philadelphia's city limits. Apartment and house rental costs vary depending on the area in which you hope to rent. Admitted and enrolled students can request a password to view discounted rental accommodations posted by independent landlords in our online housing center.

Here are a few other websites, among many more, by which to look for housing:

The first thing you should know about looking for places to live near the seminary is that rental prices vary greatly, even within a few miles of the seminary. For example, in sections of the city of Philadelphia rents may be hundreds of dollars less than rents for a similar place just a mile or two down the street. 

Plus, if you have school age children, you must be even more careful finding a place to live. In fact, you should begin your search for housing by finding the school district or school that you want your children to attend, and then start looking for the house or apartment you want.

You must also be aware that utilities, especially heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, can increase your monthly housing costs a great deal. Be sure you ask your landlord for an estimate of your utility costs if you were to lease the apartment or house.

The most economical housing is to rent a room or share a room in a house or apartment. This arrangement is common among the seminary's single students.

It is very important for incoming students to set aside enough time to find the room, apartment or house which works well for you. We recommend that you begin your search as early as possible. In addition, we strongly discourage you from signing any lease or sending money to a landlord before you have visited the apartment or house and confirmed that it is the housing you want in a community where you want to live.

Rather than look for an apartment or house by themselves, some students prefer to work with a realtor. If you would like to work with a realtor, below is a list of several with whom the seminary has successfully worked. 


Quinn & Wilson Realtors


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