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Research Language Exam Format
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Time limits for exams

3 hours*

Helps allowed

For each exam, you may use a physical, non-digital English/exam-language dictionary (i.e English-German/German-English, etc.)

Exam format

The French and Dutch research language exams consist of several paragraphs of an academic journal or other source in its original language.

The Latin and German exams are approximately 375-450 words taken from a theologian or biblical exegete. It is recommended that you take up to 10-15 minutes to skim the passage noting words you do not recognize. Grading is based on completeness, clarity, and accuracy.

You will translate your passage with only the help of an English/exam-language dictionary. A good (Collegiate level) language dictionary is recommended.

Exam translations are typically typed on your own laptop using a Word processor and then submitted to Canvas. The exams are proctored in-person by a staff member, but arrangements for remote proctoring can be made upon request and with sufficient notice.

Once completed, the exam is passed along to the grader. The Student Success team will notify students with the results of the exam.

*Please contact the exam administrator in advance if you need an accommodation for one (1) additional hour (e.g. English as a Second Language, medical accommodation, or another ADA approved accommodation, etc.)

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