A Degree Completion Worksheet (DCW) indicates all of the requirements necessary to complete a particular degree program and is designed to aid in your academic planning and advising. DCWs are not intended to replace your official degree audit conducted by the registrar’s office. 

Q. Which DCW should I use?

A. You should use the DCW for the year in which your program began. (students whose programs began prior to the 2009-2010 academic year should use the 09-10 worksheets.) 

Q. When do I use a DCW?

A. You should use your DCW 1) during the registration process, 2) any time you wish to know what requirements of your degree program you have left.

Q. How do I use a DCW?

A. You should fill in the DCW for your program in consultation with your unofficial transcript and Degree Audit (each found in your Populi account).

Click your program below to access the DCW for your degree.
Updates for the MDiv DCW's are coming soon! Stay tuned to see the changes taking place in 2019. 

MDiv Pastoral
MDiv General
MDiv Counseling
MAR General
MAR Biblical
MAR Theological
DMin Pastoral
DMin Preaching
DMin General
DMin Counseling
PhD Hist & Theol
PhD Herm & Biblical

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