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MAR Summative Evaluation
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No matter what your emphasis in the MAR program, you will have to take the Summative Evaluation during your last semester of study at Westminster. The exam is graded on a pass/fail basis. It is comprehensive and will draw from the entirety of the curriculum to allow you to amalgamate all that you have studied. 

You’ll have 32 hours to complete the Summative Evaluation in Canvas, but you’ll be able to use whatever resources you wish on the exam, which consists of three questions.

If your emphasis is Biblical Studies, you will receive one question in Old Testament, one in New Testament, and one in hermeneutics.

If your emphasis is Theological Studies, you will receive one question in systematic theology, one in apologetics and one in church history.

If you are working within the General Studies emphasis, you will have a choice from any three of the six questions contained the Biblical and Theological categories.

Please see the Academic Calendar for the dates of the evaluation and the Academic Catalog for a more comprehensive description of the policies concerning it.

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