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Incorrect looking grades in Canvas
Incorrect looking grades in Canvas
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You want to know how you're doing in your course -- only to find that your grade seems higher or lower than expected. This discrepancy may be due to ungraded assignments or quizzes being treated as zeroes (or not). 

Two Different Scenarios

  1. You submitted a paper or Blue Book exam and have not received your grade for it either online or on paper, but your grade for the course is less than what you think it should be. In this case, ungraded assignments are being treated as zeroes, bringing down your overall grade for the course.  

  2. You submitted a paper or Blue Book exam and did receive your grade on paper, but your grade seems higher for the course. Your assignment and quizzes in Canvas are not being treated as zeroes, meaning that your grades on your other assignments and quizzes are keeping your total grade higher than it is. 

Depending on the size of your course or your instructor's schedule, you may not see your correct final grade in Canvas until finals are over. While you're waiting patiently for your grade, you can try inputting hypothetical scores to see what your final grade might be. Here's a short 30-second video to show you how to test different grades.

If you need further assistance, click the "Help" icon located at the bottom left of your Canvas window or email

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