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How can I access my Syllabi?

You can access your syllabi from the Simple Syllabus platform or the Canvas sites for courses in which you are enrolled (once published).

The Simple Syllabus site:

Login using your Populi/Canvas credentials.

Once logged in, you can browse syllabi in the syllabus Library:

From this interface, you can search for particular syllabi, browse by department, or scroll down to browse each published syllabus.

After you register for courses, you can view the “My Courses” and “Materials List sections” of Simple Syllabus. Note: it will take 24 hours for the system to update after you register for a course, so you won’t see anything in these sections right away. Once your courses show up in your account, you can "follow" them and be notified of any changes made by your instructor!

The “My Courses” section will collect all of the syllabi for the courses you register for in one centralized location.

The “Materials List” will pull together all of your assigned readings for the upcoming term into a single materials list for easy reference.

You will retain access to your syllabi once the term has ended.

If you need additional help

If you require additional assistance, click on the question mark (?) icon in the bottom right corner to send a message directly to the Simple Syllabus support team, or email Feel free also to reach out to!

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