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Eating spaces
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Please eat! Van Til lobby is a place where you may have food. Machen Hall and the Carriage House are other buildings that provide places to eat.

Please do not eat in the classrooms. Out of respect for your fellow classmates and your instructors, from whom the Seminary has had abundant feedback that classroom eating compromises classroom learning, the Seminary asks that you abide by this rule. Also, please do not eat in the Library or Andreas Academic Center unless a seminary department is hosting an event which involves food.

Please do not wash food containers or empty anything other than clear liquids in Seminary bathroom drains. Apart from the hygiene concerns of such a practice, Seminary bathroom sinks are not equipped to handle bits of food. Use the sink in the Van Til student mailroom or the one on the first floor of the Carriage House if you need to rinse food containers or empty beverages other than clear liquids. Even in these drains, please clean food particles out of the drain. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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