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Smoking policy
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Please perform these courtesies if you choose to smoke on campus:

  1. Properly dispose of cigarette and cigar butts in the receptacles provided outside the entrances to Van Til. Please do not leave butts on the ground, in corners of buildings, or anywhere else outside of the provided receptacles. Outside of issues of unsightliness, leaving butts anywhere other than the receptacles increases work for the seminary’s hard-working Facilities staff. It can also create a fire hazard.

  2. Please refrain from smoking on building porches. The second-hand smoke that seeps into the buildings, or blows indoors if windows are open, is a problem for some building occupants.

Remember that members of the diverse Seminary community may differ in their convictions related to smoking. Please be sensitive to the consciences of others and refrain from smoking whenever prudence or concern for another recommends it.

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