Over a year ago, the WTS support and communications teams started brainstorming ways to better serve you, the students, with fast and helpful information. We wanted to provide you with something mobile-friendly, beautiful, simple, and accurate—the exact opposite of what you had to use in the past (we're looking at you, students.wts.edu 👀).

After a lot of research and discussion, we chose to customize Intercom Educate, a preexisting cloud-based service.

Why this service?

  1. It offers an awesome search bar. Powered by machine learning, it will track your searching habits and provide better and better results the more you use it. In an internet age run by Google, we felt a great search experience was of the utmost importance.
  2. It offers an amazing set of feedback features: a feedback bubble in the corner, an emoji rating at the bottom, and nifty analytics on searching trends. With these tools, we can use informed strategies to improve our service to you over time.
  3. The service was ready to use right out of the box—no graphic design or coding necessary. As a result, we're able to offer you a replacement for students.wts.edu now, rather than in 2–3 years.
  4. The service is relatively inexpensive. Creating a website of similar quality on our own would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We felt that using this service, which only costs a few thousand dollars, would be the best way to steward your tuition money.

Is this service perfect? Absolutely not! It has many flaws—and, because we didn't code this tool, we can only fix some of the issues. However, we hope you see why we made the trade offs that we did. Our deepest desire is to serve you as best we can with our limited resources. 

As you run into difficulties with the tool, please inform us using the feedback bubble in the corner. We're currently in a beta phase, and we need your help to grow and move forward. Be assured that we will do everything we can to improve your experience, both now and in  the future!

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