We launched this info center tool early—but the choice was made intentionally. Here are some reasons why:

  1. We didn't want the great to become the enemy of the good. Even though this info center isn't finished yet, we expect that any issue you experience here will be far less of a nuisance than the problems with students.wts.edu. 
  2. We didn't want to move forward much further without hearing more from you. As long as we delayed launching this platform, we couldn't collect your feedback on the articles or the data from your most-used search terms. 

We need your help to move out of beta. Use the search bar at the top, the feedback bubble in the corner, and the emoji rating at the bottom. Truly, your patient input is the key to improving this platform. 

For those of you who need more time to transition onto this new platform, we're keeping all the student information up on students.wts.edu until March. After that, the old website will only host the library, CTW, and other academic centers and resources.

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