This student information center is a centralized location for you to get answers about life and study at Westminster. This new tool is a knowledge base, including an ever-expanding set of articles written by the WTS support team and intended to provide you with reliable help and go-to solutions for a wide variety of situations, issues, concerns and questions.

Rather than utilizing a typical website menu or navigation bar, the best method of exploring this knowledge base is through the search bar. The search bar is fast and helpful, and, over time, it will only get smarter. It's powered by machine learning, which means that the more you use it, the better and better it works.

Like all new tools, this platform is far from perfect, but we're confident that the benefits outweigh the cost. You can already use this tool to find info about:

  • Populi and Canvas
  • Course schedules
  • Registration
  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Finals
  • Scholarships
  • And much, much more

Currently, this tool is in a beta phase, which means we're still fixing bugs and adding and editing articles. However, as time goes on, you'll find it easier to discover everything you need to know about life and study at Westminster. We're planning to expand our articles continuously to include topics like study tips, date nights, employment, community groups, and more.

Use the feedback bubble in the corner to let us know about topics you'd like to learn more about now and in the future!

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