If you are a current residential student and are looking to apply or reapply for a scholarship for the Winter/Spring 2021 term, please follow the instructions below!

Applying for New Scholarships

If you currently do not receive a scholarship or would like to apply for a different scholarship, you may complete an online scholarship application. Students are only able to have one Westminster scholarship at a time. Scholarships currently are not available for students in the new online MDiv & MAR programs.

Once you submit the application form, you'll gain access to your Financial Aid Application Portal, where you can see a checklist of additional required materials for your application. You can also upload required materials through your Portal. Your checklist will be updated often as we receive materials for your application.

Renewing Current Scholarships

If you received a scholarship in the fall 2020 semester, you'll receive it again in the spring, as long as you are continuing to meet the eligibility requirements set forth for your specific scholarship. So, there is no need to apply again.

Application Deadlines

Winter/Spring Scholarship Deadline: December 15

After these dates, no late applications will be considered. A complete application includes the application form and all of the required materials submitted to Financial Aid.

To see the full list of scholarships available, please view the links below:
MDiv and MAR Students

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