Because we desire each student to be successful during their time at Westminster and in their future ministry, we offer (and sometimes require) Advanced Theological Writing courses.

Review the information below to understand the purpose of these courses and their sequence. 

Advanced Theological Writing (ATW) Courses
Advanced Theological Writing (ATW) courses are specially designed to teach international students to write theological English clearly, succinctly, and comprehensibly at the high level of complexity required by seminary courses. 

Incoming students who score less than 111 on the TOEFL iBT are required to take a placement test in order to determine which ATW class (if any) will help them meet the required writing proficiency level. 

In addition, professors who have identified international students as needing improvement in their writing may require students to take the ATW placement test or one of the ATW courses. According to the results of the placement test, students are placed in one of the three classes in the ATW sequence: PT 031p, PT 033p, or PT 037p.

Most students end up taking all three courses in the sequence: PT 031p, PT 033p, and PT 037p. However, a student who makes exceptional progress in a given ATW class may earn a waiver for the remaining ATW classes. In such cases, the student is awarded a "APPR" grade and has fulfilled the ATW requirement. 

Students required to take ATW must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in ATW as outlined in our academic policies. 

If a new or reinstating student fulfilled the ATW requirement while previously a student at Westminster, that student is not required to do so again.

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