We care deeply about the in-person classroom experience for our residential programs. That's why, in general, online courses are not approved for residential programs. This applies to our MDiv, MAR, certificate and visiting students. 

If you encounter a hardship that you think warrants taking a required course online, then you are welcome to submit a petition for an exception. 

Courses for MDiv Counseling

Since there are several counseling courses required as part of the MDiv counseling emphasis, which are are no longer offered residentially, our MDiv counseling students should take required counseling courses online. 

MAC Online + MDiv/MAR

If you are interested in specializing in biblical counseling, but you wish to remain in the MAR or MDiv degrees, you may want to consider joining the MAC online alongside or after your residential studies. 

MDiv students joining the MAC may complete the MAC with as little as 30 credits (half of the 60 credits needed for the MAC).

If you have questions, email us at support@wts.edu.

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