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Differences between online and residential courses
Differences between online and residential courses
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Online courses can be a great addition to your schedule. As a residential student, you are able to take counseling courses not offered residentially. Here is a list of courses you can take

When you sign up for an online course, here is what you can expect:

  1. They start later than the typical start of your residential semester. 

  2. October, March, and June courses are 10 weeks long. 

  3. January courses are 8 weeks long.

  4. The Online Learning team will ask you to complete orientation if you have not taken an online course before. 

  5. Pay attention to your student email, you'll receive notifications there. 

  6. You'll have access to the online course several days before it begins, not at the beginning of the semester with all your residential courses. 

  7. You have the power to change settings for any of the platforms used, including Workplace and Canvas.  

  8. Small groups meet 4 times per course. Most online students know the process and will help you get connected. Your group members are assigned in Canvas. It is a student led group meet up to discuss course content. 

If you have further questions about online courses, please contact the Online Team at

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