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Register for Greystone Courses (London ThM)
Register for Greystone Courses (London ThM)
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As a London ThM student in a course with the Greystone Theological Institute (GTI), you will be considered a ‘visiting student’ of GTI. First, let us know what you wish to take and then register for the course with GTI, use GTI's Populi for registration, tuition, and payments.

Full course information and syllabi for all modules may be accessed at the GTI Academic Calendar and Greystone Connect library and students with any questions may contact Greystone administration at 

Steps to Registering for a Greystone Course

  1. Receive access to GTI's Populi. 

  2. Please inform the WTS Academic Support team of the GTI course in which you would like to enroll. Please use this form to make this request.

  3. WTS Registrar checks to ensure that the course is approved by the Historical and Theological Field Committee and fits in your program (e.g., the course may not overlap with a similar WTS course already taken).

  4. The WTS Academic Support team will notify you of approval. Only after approval can you register for the course through GTI’s Populi.

  5. Register for the course and pay tuition in GTI's Populi; for courses with an online component, access course materials in GTI’s Greystone Connect.

  6. Submit an unofficial transcript to the WTS Academic Support team in order to have the GTI course recorded on your WTS record. To obtain your unofficial transcript, you can download the PDF from your GTI Populi account.

  7. When you complete all the GTI courses you wish to take, we will need an official GTI transcript to be sent to the WTS Academic Support team. Email Dr. Atria Larson (Greystone's Academic Dean) at to make this request.

Capstone Courses with a Greystone Component

If you are completing the London ThM with two additional courses with major papers ('two-course capstone'), you may seek to audit a Greystone course as a component of a WTS independent study. 

To do this:

  1. First obtain approval from the WTS Academic Support team, then register for the course as an independent study with us by submitting this form. 

  2. Then register to audit the GTI course as an auditor.

  3. Pay a ‘capstone’ fee of 240 GBP to Pastors' Academy (to be forwarded to WTS) which helps us provide advising support for your major paper. This payment is due by the first day of class.

  4. Work with your advisor (or another WTS instructor if approved) on forming your major research paper in light of the GTI course material.

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