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Request a program extension (DMin)
Request a program extension (DMin)
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When you are approaching your program time limit of six years, and you realize you will not be able to finish in your final year, it is possible to apply for a single extension. 

How many times may I request an extension?
There is only one extension allowed, but that extension can be for one to three years. Your new deadline should be realistic and tailored to your unique situation.   

How many more years can my program be extended?
Your program can be extended for one to three years.

What if I've already received a program extension?
If you received a program extension prior to Fall 2018 under our previous extension policy, requesting an extension now will count as your one program extension under the new policy.

How do I submit my petition?
Submit your petition via the Program Extension Petition form. Our team will then bring your petition to your advisor and the DMin Director for review.

What happens if I cannot complete my work by the revised deadline?
If you are unable to complete your degree requirements by the extended deadline, you will be administratively withdrawn from the program without opportunity for re-entry. In cases of extreme hardship, exceptions may be considered.

Contents of your petition

  1. Your proposed year of graduation

  2. A brief justification for the requested extension

  3. A project completion timeline, listing chapter submission deadlines

What happens if my extension request is approved?
If your request is approved, you will receive notice from the Registrar and a digital form to sign, which lists the revised deadline. That document then becomes part of your student file.

What happens if my extension request is denied?
Depending on the nature of individual cases, if your extension petition is denied, you will either be given until the normal submission deadline for the academic year of your expected graduation date to complete your project, or be withdrawn from the program.


If you have any questions about this process or policy, please email our DMin coordinator, Jeff Hart at

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